2019 Fundraising Auction

The 23rd Anniversary CLF Fund Raising Auction features twenty-two items from the efforts of forty CLA artists. The auction will take place at 5:00 p.m. EDT on August 16th, 2019, in the Grand Ball Room of the Lexington Convention Center (400 W. Vine Street, Lexington, Kentucky). The live auction is reserved for CLA members only, but there is a special prorated membership rate of $20 at the door. For those unable to attend in person, including non-members, an absentee bidding process has been made available via e-mail and the USPS.

The absentee bidding process is described here.

For questions, contact the Contemporary Longrifle Association directly at 540-886-6189.

We are excited to feature works by the following artists:

• Michael Agee • Brian Barker • Greg Bray • Verlin Cossell • Chris Crosby • Tim Crosby •
• Joel Coash • Todd Daggett • Chuck Edwards • Simeon England • Eric Ewing • Matthew Fennewald •
• Alec Foreman • Tad Frei • Shelly Gier • Sandy Greco • Tom Greco • Marc L. Hamel •
• Virgil Henle • Ron Hess • Benjamin Hoffman • John Leach • Rick Lorenzen • Glen Mock •
• Marty Overstreet • Kris Polizzi • William Smith • JK (Ken) Stanley • Otha (OJ) Stone •
• Christie Suchora • Scott Summerville • Patrick Thevenow • Gary Tingler • Djuana Tucker •
• Charles Wallingford • Doug Warren • Jack Weeks • Kyle Willyard • Bill Wright • Josh Wrightsman •

Thanks to these artists for their generous donations.
Remember them when you need something you can’t live without.

Quilled Hatband by Djuana Tucker

During the 18th and 19th centuries, no self-respecting gentleman or scoundrel, for that matter would consider venturing into public without a hat. For the modern-day frontiersman headed for the range, the rendezvous, or the woods, that hasnt changed. For those hoping to set their headgear apart from the crowd, CLA artist Djuana Tucker has donated [...]

Polled Tomahawk and Sheath by Simeon England, Kyle Willyard, and Shelly Gier

Text by Simeon England A collaborative effort by Simeon England, Kyle Willyard, and Shelly Gier, this tomahawk is heavily based on Englands research into early belt axes, referred to as polled tomahawks in the period, carried by backcountry frontiersmen. Though a bit more refined than what would commonly be seen on the frontier, the engraving [...]

Bag and Horn Set by Tom Greco

Artisan Tom Greco is well known as a maker of distinctive, top-quality frontier art. Not surprisingly, he's contributed a standout bag and horn set for this years CLF fundraising auction. The body of Greco's unique possibles bag is crafted from goat hide, which is richly colored with a brown leather dye and a sealing coat [...]

Lobed Horn and Hunting Bag by Tim Crosby and Marc Hamel

Tim Crosby and Marc Hamel teamed up to create a superb colonial era bag and horn set for this years CLF fundraising auction. The architecture of Hamels cowhide hunting bag is inspired by an eighteenth century engraving that depicts a rifleman wearing a similar bag. The bag is made from 2-3 ounce cowhide, tooled and [...]

Neck Knife and Quilled Sheath by Virgil Henle and Christie Suchora

During the Seven Years War, French military engineer Pierre Pouchot was intrigued by Native American warriors who habitually wore remarkably decorated knife sheaths as a badge of status. The Indians always have one suspended round their neck, explained Pouchot. Their knife is hung from the neck, he wrote, and falls upon the breastthey regard this [...]

Frontier Georgia Bag and Horn Set by Ron Hess and Marc Hamel

CLA members are very often inspired by history in the creation of their art. A 2018 exhibition at the Georgia Museum of Art, which focused on the states early gunsmiths, prompted Georgia artist Ron Hess to create this fine bag and horn set for this years CLF fundraising auction. The oldest firearm at the exhibition [...]

1760s Great Lakes Knife and Sheath Set by Ben Hoffman

For this years CLF fundraising auction, Ohio artisan Ben Hoffman chose to reproduce an original piece made in the Great Lakes region that dates from the 1760s. True to artists exacting standards, both the knife and sheath was entirely hand-crafted. Hoffman salvaged the steel for the knife blade from an antique buggy spring, which was [...]

Antler Handled Frontier Knife by Glen Mock

Modern outdoorsmen are in perpetual need of a reliable knife, and collectors can do no better than a blade by prominent knifemaker Glen Mock. A renowned bladesmith and faithful supporter of the CLF fundraising auction, Mock donated a classic frontiersmans knife to this years event. Mocks blade was painstakingly hand forged from 1084 steel and [...]

Ozarks Trekker by Marty Overstreet, Joel Coash, O.J. Stone, and Paul Fennewald

A truly unique offering in this years CLF fundraising auction, the Ozarks Trekker set is the collaborative creation of four Missouri artists and constitutes a superb decorative display for the home. This collection pays homage to Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, who explored the Ozarks over the winter of 1819 and later published an account of his [...]

Saga of the Longknife

One of the keystone offerings of this years CLF fundraising auction is the collective creation of eight CLA member artists. Christened the Saga of the Longknife by its creators, this piece constitutes a stunning, mixed media sculptural set composed of superbly executed, functional art. The entire set is created around a folk-art carving by artist [...]

Double Beaver Hunting Bag by Bill Smith

The hunting pouch, explains Kentucky artist Bill Smith, is an icon of the American frontier used in the 18th and 19th centuries. But the modern frontiersman remains in need of a reliable bag for the woods or the range, and for this years CLF fundraising auction Smith has once again donated one of his renowned [...]

.54 Caliber Gentlemans Pistol by Ken Stanley and Chuck Edwards

Few weapons capture the artistic grandeur of the flintlock era quite like a refined gentlemans pistol, and this year the CLF is pleased to present a truly stunning example by gunsmiths Ken Stanley and Chuck Edwards. Inspired by a pistol originally created by Pennsylvania's legendary Kuntz family of gunsmiths, Stanley created this exquisite handgun around [...]

Eighteenth Century Folding Knife by Scott Summerville

In November of 1766, the English firm of Robert Cary and Company issued an invoice for miscellaneous goods to an up-and-coming Virginia planter who was largely tethered to the mother country for the manufactured goods necessary on his plantation. For various items including silk, nails, buttons, and cheese, George Washington was billed the respectable sum [...]

Early American Hanging Shelf by Patrick Thevenow

While most blackpowder enthusiasts are outdoorsmen by nature, even the most die-hard frontiersman enjoys the comforts of home. For this years CLF fundraising auction, artist Patrick Thevenow has donated a fine piece of reproduction home dcor thats sure to tastefully complement a wide range of design schemes. Thevenows hanging wall shelf is inspired by an [...]

Possibles Bag by Gary Tingler & Kris Polizzi

Faithful CLA supporter and skilled craftsman Gary Tingler has created another outstanding hunting bag for this years CLF fundraising auction. This piece is a gracefully proportioned possibles bag entirely hand-crafted from hard-wearing buffalo leather, with edges bound in deerskin. The bag, graced with a rich brown patina, has a handy inner pocket, and comes complete [...]

Neck Knife and Quilled Sheath by Charles Wallingford and Bill Wright

Few pieces of tribal artistry are as visually captivating as the iconic neck knife of the eastern woodlands. For this years CLF fundraising auction, two of the nations top artists have teamed up to produce a truly outstanding example thats destined to become a treasured heirloom. Master cutler and CLA charter member Charles Wallingford hand-forged [...]

Classic Beaver Tail Hunting Bag by Doug Warren

One of the most vital pieces of equipment for blackpowder shooters is a rig consisting of a watertight horn and a dependable possibles bag, and this years CLA auction will afford bidders the opportunity to own a truly exemplary set by artist Doug Warren. Warren's bag is a fine collectors piece that will be perfectly [...]

1760s Hunting Rig by Jack Weeks, Rick Lorenzen and John Leach

Jack Weeks and Rick Lorenzen have partnered once again and the result is a bold bag and horn set. They are both artists and craftsmen who continuously research early American history and the evolution of hunting accoutrements. This is the fourth year the guys have been collaborating using 18th century materials and techniques. They want [...]

Bag and Horn Set by Brian Barker

The annual CLF fundraising auction routinely offers the finest in contemporary frontier art, but Brian Barkers striking contribution to this years auction has the looks of a centuries-old original. Barker crafted the hunting bag from bark tanned deer hide, warmly aged and hand sewn with linen thread. The interior of the bag is lined with [...]

Hand-Forged Hearth Cooking Set by Greg Bray

For many early American history enthusiasts, living with a tangible connection to the past can be a way of life. This years CLF fundraising auction will feature a delightful set of cooking utensils that will be equally at home around a campfire or in a 21st century kitchen. Blacksmith and CLA member Greg Bray has [...]

Classic Patch Knife by Verlin Cossel

Every blackpowder shooter needs a dependable patch knife in his kit, and this years CLF fundraising auction will afford attendees the opportunity to own a truly fine example by knifemaker Verlin Cossel. Cossels patch knife is an evocative classic that conjures images of the early American frontier. Starting with reclaimed steel from an antique hay [...]

Calfskin Hunting Bag by Chris Crosby

Chris Crosbys fine contribution to this years CLF auction represents, he explains, a piece that would have been carried by a man of middling means, to service his smooth rifle or fowler. The body of the bag is made from vegetable tanned calfskin and the bindings on the flap and at the throat of the [...]