About Us

Dedicated to providing funds to support the mission of the CLA. endowment.raffle.fundraising auction.


The CLF is a non-profit organization designated by the IRS as having a 501c3 tax exempt status. It was founded as the fundraising arm of the Contemporary Longrifle Association. The CLF sponsors fundraising projects and provides individuals the opportunity to make charitable contributions that are tax deductible that will ultimately benefit the CLA, CLA artists and preservation of the longrifle culture.

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The Contemporary longrifle Foundation welcomes the opportunity to discuss with you the options to make a monetary or material donation.


The Contemporary Longrifle Foundation, Inc. makes grants to the Contemporary Longrifle Association which is consistent with its mission.

The Contemporary Longrifle Association utilizes these grants to support the CLA as an organization, to promote the longrifle culture and to support the artists who make the contemporary longrifle and related accoutrements.

For additional information, please contact the Contemporary Longrifle Association Office Manager at cla@longrifle.com.

The CLF accepts donations through its Endowment Program (www.clfendowment.com). Your donations can be made as a restricted gift (designated for a special purpose) or as an unrestricted gift to the CLF general Endowment Fund.

The CLF only makes grants to the CLA to support its mission, therefore all requests for grants should be made to Katie Horn, Contemporary Longrifle Association, P. O. Box 2247, Staunton, Virginia 22402 (540-886-6189) (cla@longrifle.com)