2012 Fundraising Auction

“Thanks To All For A Great Auction”Held on August 18, 2012 at the Annual CLA Show and Meeting, Lexington, KY

         “This year’s auction was a tremendous success! 23 superb artistic works by 32 CLA artists generated an excitement at the auction which prompted buyers to step forward and take home some great creations.

         After a year’s work to make the 2012 War of 1812 ‘Path to Freedom’ Fundraising Auction an event to remember, I’m almost sad to say it’s over. As the CLF Fundraising Committee chairman I had the good fortune to work with the artists and get to know them and their work. Thanks to each of them for all of their efforts and for making the 2012 CLF Fund Raising Auction the big success that it was. And to all the ‘behind the scenes’ volunteers, and donors, too. Thanks again to everyone.”

TC Albert
2012 CLF Fundraising Committee Chairman
TIM ALBERT & TIM CROSBY, Tansel horn & pouch$1,300
BRIAN BARKER, Tecumseh tomahawk$750
MIKE MCHUGH, Brock war club$350
MARIAH BLAKE, Quilled birch bark box$400
SCOTT, CATHY SIBLEY & DAVID HUGHES, Powder horn and papers$700
JOE SEABOLT, Knife$400
LARRY & ZACH CALLAHAN, Quilled bag and tool kit$200
JACK HUBBARD, Horseshoe Bend powder horn$460
GLEN MOCK, Midshipman’s dirk and sheath$400
LARRY SPISAK, Tecumseh’s Northwest Trade Gun$5,500
MITCH YATES, The Hunters of Kentucky longrifle$2,500
FRANK BARKER, Cartridge box$100
Joseph Stewart pouch and horn set
HARRIS MAUPIN, Old Hickory salt horn$350
HARRIS MAUPIN, Battle of New Orleans powder horn$600
JAMES BLAKE & CHRIS HAYS, Pipe with quilled stem$800
MICHAEL AGEE, S Houston to Gen’l Jackson pouch$3,500
CURT GILLOCK, Coach trunk$800
JENNIFER FRANTZ, Floor cloth$200
BART DELLINGER, Ft. Meigs axe$150
JOHN DONELSON, 3 Naval boarding axes$450

Axes by John Donelson and Bart Dellinger

In the War of 1812, during naval battles on the Great Lakes or on the high seas, it was customary for ships to engage with cannon as they closed upon each other, and then to finally board each other where the final outcome of the engagement was settled in hand to hand combat. With its [...]

Larry Spisak and the Tecumseh Gun Project

[Pictured above is Larry Spisak's copy of the Tecumseh Gun with the original below.] Dear readers, as promised, here is the first of the CLA live auction items. Some of you may have recognized the British Indian Department brand from the last CLA auction post. It is the brand applied to guns that the British [...]

The Scott and Cathy Sibley Horn Project

An 18th CENTURY CAMPAIGN HORN and discharge papers By Scott and Cathy Sibley If you know anything about contemporary powder horns, then you know about the husband and wife team, from Wyoming, that have long been recognized as two of the nations premier horn makers. I am proud to tell you that for our 2012 [...]

For General Jackson Pouch by Michael Agee

In 1811, the Shawnee chief, Tecumseh, conducted a mission to the Creek Nation in Alabama. He urged the Creeks to throw off the white culture that many had adopted and return to the ancient traditions of their people. Many Creeks heeded Tecumseh's call, while others resisted. A civil war broke out among the Creek Nation [...]

“A Tansel Pouch and Horn Set” by the Two Tims

Another item specially made for the upcoming CLA auction is a detailed copy of the Francis Tansel Fort Meigs powder horn. Two very similar Ft. Meigs were made by Francis while he actually served at Ft. Meigs as a volunteer in Boswells 10th Kentucky Militia regiment, and it is believed that there once may even [...]

A Traditional Tobacco Pipe by James Blake and Chris Hays

"A traditional Native American Tobacco Pipe by James Blake and Chris Hays" James Blake and Chris Hays have teamed up to create a truly iconic Native American item for our auction, one that would have typically been crafted and used by Native Americans all along the frontier during the War of 1812 . Chris has [...]

Tecumseh/Brock War Club by Mike McHugh

Tecumseh/Brock War Club by Mike McHugh. When the war of 1812 finally broke out, General Isaac Brockhad been preparing for it for quite some time. After stopping the American advance under the command of William Hull, Brock met the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh and together they planned an attack that resulted in the fall of Detroit [...]

Battle of New Orleans horn by Harris Maupin

Harris Maupin of Hillsboro Missouri carved this large powder horn for the upcoming CLA fundraising auction in Lexington Kentucky, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, then the carvings on this horn could easily represent a whole book about the events that took place at the Battle of New Orleans. Harris carved the [...]

Joseph Stewart Pouch and Horn Set

Team work and cooperation have become hallmark of the CLA and its members. The "Joseph Stewart" horn and pouch set made especially for the upcoming CLA live auction in Lexington this August, and the four CLA members that worked together to create it, embody what that attitude can accomplish even by proxy working together separately [...]

Old Hickory Salt Horn by Harris Maupin

Old Hickory Salt Horn" by Harris Maupin During the War of 1812, the extraordinary acts of heroism and bravery of many American patriots became legendary and their names were entered into the pages of history. For many, even after the war, these deeds served to advance their careers in ways they probably never dreamed of. [...]

War of 1812 Midshipmans Dirk by Glen Mock

War of 1812 Midshipmans Dirk by Glenn Mock The war of 1812 was ignited over our right to free trade and unrestricted shipping. To demand these rights, our fledgling maritime force had to square off with the Kings own royal Navy. Britannia prided the ability to rule the seas, and her fighting ships and the [...]

Battle of Horse Shoe Bend Powder Horn by Jack Hubbard

JACK HUBBARDS BATTLE OF HORSESHOE BEND POWDER HORN Though the War of 1812 was a nationwide war, most battles were fought in the Northeast, on the high seas and on the Great Lakes. But in the South turmoil among the Indians was promoted by the British and their Indian allies. The Creeks, known as the [...]

A War of 1812 Militiamans Cartridge Box by Frank Barker

A War of 1812 Militiamans Cartridge Box by Frank Barker In 1812, America's standing army numbered less than 12,000 men. Because of this, President Madison called upon local and state militia units to carry the day. They were simply asked to invade and capture Canada, which would quickly force the British into negotiations or even [...]

A Traditional Quill Decorated Storage Box Made by Mariah Blake

A Traditional Quill Decorated Storage Box Made by Mariah Blake CLA artist Mariah Blake has crafted a traditional Native American piece for the auction, a quill decorated birch bark storage box. This beautiful little lidded box is completely decorated with red, white and blue dyed porcupine quills. To do it, she patiently anchored the ends [...]

Tecumseh’s Pipe Ax made by Brian Barker

Tecumseh's Pipe Ax made by Brian Barker This CLA fundraising auction item was crafted by artist Brian Barker. He has researched and created a copy of a pipe ax once owned by the Shawnee chief Tecumseh. The exploits of Tecumseh during the war of 1812 are famous, and to have this hand forged, hand engraved, [...]

A complete Rifle Accoutrement Tool Set and Quilled Storage Pouch by Larry and Zach Callahan

A complete Rifle Accoutrement Tool Set and Quilled Storage Pouch by Larry and Zach Callahan Every rifle needs some special custom tools to keep it firing well and in working order. Realizing that, artists Larry and Zach Callahan, a father and son team from Pevely Missouri, worked together to make a very nice and very [...]

The CLA “Alligator Horse” rifle by Mitch Yates and the ALR Moderators

The CLA "Alligator Horse" rifle by Mitch Yates and the ALR Moderators" Mitch Yates and the moderators over at American Long Rifles web site have made a very special rifle for the upcoming CLA fund raising auction. This Dickert style rifle was designed to pay tribute to the legendary Hunters of Kentucky and their expliots [...]

Long knives by Daniel Casey, Dana Buchannan, Joe Seabolt and Billy Heck

An undeniably important piece of our shared "Culture of the Longrifle" is the knife. So inseperable were frontiersmen and their ever present big blades, that they were identified by them and actually called "longknives", both a name and a trait that persisted as long as such men roamed our American frontiers. Our auction wouldnt be [...]

Donations from Curt Gillock and Jennifer Frantz

Curt Gillock of Two Fools Leather Goods has made this "Hair-on Flop-top Trunk" for the upcoming CLA fundraising auction. It's number 7 of only 10. The palonia wood frame is covered with a fine Brindle hair-on steer hide. The "English Tanned Harness Leather" straps, handles and trim are all edged and burnished by hand. The [...]