2020 Live Auction

The 24rd Anniversary CLF Fund Raising Auction features more than 20 items from the efforts of many CLA artists. The auction will take place at 5:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, October 30th, 2020, at the annual CLA show at the Lexington Convention Center (400 W. Vine Street, Lexington, Kentucky). The live auction is reserved for CLA members only, but there is a special prorated membership rate of $20 at the door. For those unable to attend in person, including non-members, an absentee bidding process is available via e-mail and the USPS.

The absentee bidding process is described here.

For questions, contact the Contemporary Longrifle Association directly at 540-886-6189.

A special thanks to the CLA artists for their generous donations.
Remember them when you need something you can’t live without.

We are excited to feature works by the following artists:

• Heinz Ahlers • Darrell Brandenburg • Todd Butler • Tony Chase • Mike Conkling • Carl Dumke • Jerry Eitnier • Jeff Gier • Jay Ginn • Benjamin Hoffman • Carrie Jessen • Jan (Corfman) Lowe • Jeff (Po-Boy) Luke • Rob Park • Linda Pritchard • Barb Smith • Troy Sowers • Ken Stanley • George Sutton • Shelly Williams (Gier) • Matt Wulff • Todd Butler • Verlin Cossell • Tim Crosby • Adam Daub • Albert Emanuel • Simeon England • Mike Miller • Kyle Willyard • Lawrence Fiorillo • Todd Hambrick • Casey McClure • Maria Freed • James Frost • Mike Small • Billy Grinder • Ron Hess • Chad Matthews • William Schneider • GJ (Gary) Tingler • Doug Warren • Djuana Tucker • Dennis Kelly • Scott Summerville •

Thanks to these artists for their generous donations.
Remember them when you need something you can’t live without.

Colonial Fowler & Powder Horn

COLONIAL FOWLER by James Frost POWDER HORN by Mike Small By Joshua Shepherd Photography by David Wright When it comes to sheer versatility in the field, few period firearms can compare to the smooth bore fowler. Capable of taking a wide spectrum of wild game, fowlers saw extensive use in early America as humble meat [...]

Quilled Hat Band

QUILLED HAT BAND by Djuana Tucker   By Joshua Shepherd Photography by H. David Wright During the 18th and 19th centuries, no self-respecting gentleman, or scoundrel, for that matter would consider venturing into public without a hat. For the modern-day frontiersman headed for the range, the rendezvous, or the woods, that hasn’t changed. For those [...]

The Scout Set

THE SCOUT SET By Joshua Shepherd Photography by H. David Wright At its core, the Contemporary Longrifle Association is a community of collaborative artists who share an enthusiasm for early American heritage. For this year’s fundraising auction, Shelly Gier organized an effort by a score of CLA artists to produce “The Scout Set”, a truly [...]

Fishing Themed Powder Horn & Bait Horn Set by Albert Emanuel

Powder Horn length: 9 1/4" Bait Horn length 4 1/2" Hunting and fishing are twin pursuits that have shaped outdoor life throughout American history. For this year's CLF fundraising auction, Arizona artist Albert "Ace" Emanuel has crafted a stunning pair of horns that will be useful on the hunt or by the lake. Emanuel's powder [...]

Longhunters Knife by Chad Matthews

Lenght: 13 1/2" Blade: 8 3/4" The CLF is proud to present this classically styled long hunters knife by Chad Matthews.  The carbon steel blade is combined with a classic s shaped cross guard and bolster. Both are also of carbon steel. The blade length is 8 3/4”  and overall is 13 1/2”. This is [...]

Woodbury School Belt Knife & Sheath by Verlin Cossel

Lenght: 10 1/2" Verlin Cossel forged this dandy belt knife in the Woodbury tradition. It feature a 6 2/8 inch blade carefully forged out of 1095 carbon steel. The blade has dual touch marks and a nice aged finish. A poured pewter bolster and a coin silver butt cap secure the antler handle to the [...]

Southern Banded Horn by Billy Griner

Lenght: 11 1/2" outside curve A reliable powder horn is a necessity for the blackpowder shooter, and this year’s CLF fundraising auction features a truly exceptional example of the horner’s craft by artist Billy Griner. Griner’s donation is a quintessential example of the southern banded horn. “This particular horn,” explains the artist, “is a contemporary [...]

Kings Mountain Bag and Horn by Jack Weeks and Rick Lorenzen

Hunting Bag - 8 inch X 9 inch, Horn 16 inches on outside curve Jack Weeks and Rick Lorenzen have assembled a rig typical of those used by American Patriots that hailed from the back country settlements in Virginia, North Carolina, and what is now Kentucky and Tennessee. These "Over mountain Men" from the western [...]

18th Century Folding Knife by Scott Summerville

Length: Open - 9” Closed 5” Whether you’re headed to the backcountry for an 18th century trek or bound for a desk job in the big city, a reliable pocket knife is a gentleman’s necessity. Perennial auction supporter Scott Summerville has once again generously donated a top-quality reproduction folding knife for this year’s CLF fundraising [...]

Woodbury Style Knife by Heinz Ahlers

Length: 11 ¾”.  Blade, 7 ¼” A razor-sharp blade fitted with an antler handle remains not only a practical tool for the modern outdoorsman, but an iconic symbol of America’s frontier past. Bidders at this year’s CLF fundraising auction will have the opportunity to own a truly classic example of the frontier belt knife by [...]

Flintlock Pistol by Dennis Kelley

Every black powder hunter has a dream of owning a flintlock pistol. This beautiful maple stocked, iron mounted, flintlock pistol by Dennis Kelley will make that dream come true. With this flintlock, Dennis’s has captured an outstanding style that is associated with the traditional style of an American made flintlock pistol. His attention to detail, [...]

Classic Frontier Hunting Pouch with Powder Horn by Cory Stewart

Cory has provided to the CLF a wonderful frontier style hunting pouch that has an adjustable  cloth strap complete with hand stitched leather holding an iron buckle.  The pouch comes with a powder horn that has a filed antler spout and a plug that is decorated with brass tacks. This hunting pouch is an essential [...]