2018 Fundraising Auction

The 22nd Anniversary CLF Fund Raising Auction features twenty items from the efforts of forty-one CLA artists. The auction will take place at 5:00 p.m. EDT on August 17th, 2018, in the Grand Ball Room of the Lexington Convention Center (400 W. Vine Street, Lexington, Kentucky). The live auction is reserved for CLA members only, but there is a special prorated membership rate of $20 at the door. For those unable to attend in person, including non-members, an absentee bidding process has been made available via e-mail and the USPS.

The absentee bidding process is described here.

For questions, contact the Contemporary Longrifle Association directly at 540-886-6189.

We are excited to feature works by the following artists:

• Heinz Ahlers • Joe-D Baxter • Frank Chambers • Lee Cooper • Tim Crosby •
• Chuck Edwards • Brad Emig • Eric Ewing • Matt Fennewald • Lawrence Fiorillo •
• Alec Fourman • Tad Frei • Ken Gahagan • Tom Greco • Sandy Greco •
• Todd Hambrick • Marc Hamel • Ron Hess • Paula Hoagland • Frank House •
• Lally House • Matt Hunt • Rick Lorenzen • Jeanne McDonald • Mike Miller
• Glenn Mock • Ken Nichols • Ian Pratt • Dave Rase • Clint Seabolt •
• Joe Seabolt • Ken Stanley • Scott Summerville • Joshua Shepherd • William Smith •
• Gary Tingler • Djuana Tucker • Charles Wallingford • Shawn Webster • Jack Weeks •
• Kyle Willyard • Josh Wrightsman •

We would also like to thank the following donors for their generosity: Jim Kibler

Thanks to these artists for their generous donations.
Remember them when you need something you can’t live without.

Haversack by Bill Smith

This year the CLA Live Auction is offering one of Bill Smiths popular haversacks. This leather and herringbone weave hemp cloth version of Bills haversack is particularly attractive. The haversack is approximately eleven inches by eleven inches. The leather flap is a very dark brown as is the one and a half inch wide leather [...]

Wall Plaque by Joshua Shepherd

Independentruggedself-reliant. Few images in our nations history are as enduring as that of the quintessential American frontiersman. For this years CLF fundraising auction, artist Joshua Shepherd has created a unique sculpture Taking Aim - that pays fitting homage to the legendary longhunters who helped carve a nation out of a forbidding wilderness. Directly modelled in [...]

Folding Knife by Scot Summerville, Engraved by Chuck Edwards

The folding knife is one of the most useful forms of cutlery. It fits nicely in a pouch or pocket and is handy to have when you are in more formal dress. A folding knife is often thought of as a requirement fo the gentleman. And do we ever have a gentlemans knife for this [...]

Priming Horn by Ken Stanley

Ken Stanley has created this great priming horn for the auction. This is a nice flat horn approximately 6 inches overall. A very appealing horn in a useful size and shape for the pouch: it will also make a fine day horn for a squirrel rifle. This flat horn with great color fits well in [...]

Powder Horn by Ron Hess

This great smaller sized set is constructed around a six and half inch wide and seven inch deep bag using leather repurposed from a boot. Ron Hess owned this bag but it was made by fellow CLA artist Ken Scott. Ron decided to make a Tansel style horn to fit the bag. And fortunately for [...]

Fraktur Distlefinks by Sandy Greco

The CLF is proud to present for auction this framed 7 1/2 inch by 21 1/2 inch Fraktur style artwork from CLA artist D Sandy Greco. The term Fraktur describes a form of calligraphy or a font type, but has been extended the colorful floral and figurative drawings and paintings that started as illumination for [...]

Iron Mounted Rifle by Heinz Ahlers, Frank House, Jim Kibler, & Ian Pratt

The Woodbury Whitson Rifle is a result of a collaboration between Jim Kibler, Heinz Ahlers, Ian Pratt and Frank House. Jim Kibler donated one of his fine Iron Mounted Southern rifle kits to the CLA for this years auction. Heinz handled the assembly of the kit and fabricated the additional metal parts. Ian Pratt was [...]

Quilled Horn Strap by Djuana Tucker

The quillwork design on this powder horn strap is based on 18th century Eastern Woodland/Great Lakes style porcupine quill embroidery. The quills are naturally dyed with indigo, Osage orange, and madder, and they are sewn onto the strap using the zigzag and outline techniques. The strap is 36" long and 1 1/2" wide. The leather [...]

Otter Bag by Frank Chambers

The Otter skin pouch is traditional Native American accoutrement. Franklin Chambers has created a particularly fine example for this years auction. James Adair made the following observation relating to Native American hunting pouches: "all the savages sit cross-legged, so my visitors did, and held their guns on their knee, or kept them very near, with [...]

Knife by Glen Mock with Sheath by Heinz Ahlers

Glen Mock forged this fine knife, a stylish 6 inch bladed belt knife with a coin silver pummel cap setting off the antler handle. This blade has an interesting long choil. Glens forged blades are well known for their ruggedness and edge holding. This blade and handle have an interesting architecture and the knife is [...]

Charlie Wallingford with Quilled Sheath by Bill Wright

For the tribes of the northeast woodlands, no item in the warriors kit was as essential as a good blade, which very often took the form of the traditional neck knife. French Capt. Pierre Pouchot, who closely observed the natives during the French and Indian War, noted that Indian warriors wouldnt venture anywhere without one. [...]

Hunting Set by Tim Crosby & Marc Hamel

This Virginia style horn and strap is by Tim Crosby. The horn features a screw tip and an antler collar with a horn tip. There is also a turned antler finial on the butt cap. The Tim Crosby patch knife has a turned antler handle and a bolster from a recycled pipe axe bowl. Tim [...]

Hunting Bag by Gary Tingler

Gary Tingler has furnished an exceptionally nice hunting bag for this years auction. The soft leather bag is tightly sewn and features a darker welt. The design of this bag is notable. It has a taper from the eight and a half inch bottom to the five and a half inch top. The ample flap [...]

Hunting Bag and Horn by Jack Weeks, Kenny Nichols, Paula Hoagland, & Rick Lorenzen

I hand stitched the 8x8 inch D- shaped bag of bark tanned deer hide with waxed linen thread. It has a 3x2 ball pocket and a 4x8 inch partition at the inside back. Paula Hoagland ( Indiana) provided the hand woven wool and linen strap. Rick Lorenzen (Michigan) contributed the 13 inch scrimshawed horn with [...]

Fine Scrimshawed Horn by Lee Cooper

In 1775 a twenty-four year old Englishman found himself on the Colonial American frontier as the American Revolution was taking hold. Nicholas Cresswell was low on cash and took employment with an Indian trader to recoup his fortunes. He left us with a journal of his frontier adventures from Fort Pitt into the Indian Country [...]

Hunting Pouch and Horn by Lawrence Fiorillo & Todd Hambrick

This Eighteenth century style pouch and horn are in the homespun frontier style. The oak tanned cowhide bag measures ten and a half inches long and 5 and a half inches deep. It has a simple domed metal button closure and an internal pocket. The waxed hemp strap is wide and should make a comfortable [...]

Warrior’s Clutch

For this years CLF fundraising auction, a cadre of some of the most respected artists in the muzzleloading community has teamed up to create a truly remarkable collection christened A Warrior's Clutch. The goal for the craftsmen, explains artist Ian Pratt, was to create a vibrant, visually striking set of items that reflect the possessions [...]

Knife by Kyle Willyard with Sheath by Lally House

Lally House and Kyle Willyard have collaborated to make a special project for this years CLA Auction. This knife and quilled sheath showcase the first quality work of two top artisans. The neck sheath is a preferred Native American method for carrying the knife, it is safe to assume this useful method would have carried [...]

Priming Horn by Joe-D Baxter & Mike Miller

Priming horns can be a topic of some discussion about their presumed use or non-use on the American frontier. Nevertheless priming flasks did exist in Europe and Asia and are found in museum collections for 16th to 18th century arms. Sometimes called Pulvers from the German word for ground or powdered, these small flasks seem [...]

Hunting Set by Tom Greco

This hunting set consists of a banded screw tip horn with leather strap, a leather pouch with decorative welt, a flint wallet, lathe turned cleaning tools, an antler measure, pan brush and vent pick. This entire set exhibits close attentional to detail and the pride in workmanship that mark all Tom Greco products. The horn [...]