2023 Fundraising Auction

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The 27th Annual CLF Fundraising Auction features items donated from CLA artists.

The auction will take place at 5:00 p.m. EDT on Friday August 11th, 2023, in the Exhibit Hall of the Central Bank Center (430 W. Vine Street, Lexington, Kentucky).

In person participation is reserved for CLA members only, but there is a special prorated membership rate of $30 at the door.

For those unable to attend in person, including non-members, an absentee bidding process has been made available via phone (540.886.6189) or e-mail (cla@longrifle.com).

The absentee bidding process is described here.

For questions, contact the Contemporary Longrifle Association directly at 540-886-6189.

Click here for: “A Short History of the Auction and the Auction Committee”

We are excited to feature works by the following artists:

• Shelly Gier • Kerry Masarik • Rebecca Mooneyhan • Jay Blain • Linda Pritchard • Daniel Boehringer • Terry Smith • Vicki Hast • Emily Burns • Mary Brandenburg • Jenny Slover • Djuana Tucker • Heather Schneider • Jonah Cain • Henry Bowman • Verlin Cossel • Christie Suchora • Phyllis McDonald-Dotson • Scott Summerville • Denise Cossel • Chad Matthews • Jeff Gier • Travis Bauer • Paul Fennewald • Iron John Logan • Copperrein Stephanie Aust • Tom Greco • Jim Pease • Nathan Allen • Maryellen Pratt • De-Anda Shaver • William Schneider • Willy Frankfort • Sarah Miller •

Thanks to these artists for their generous donations.
Remember them when you need something you can’t live without.

Forged Knife with Sheath & Stand by Verlin Cossel

Verlin Cossel regularly contributes remarkably unique works of art for the annual auction. This year, Cossel created another showstopper. Forged from 5160 steel, the blade carries decorative deer tracks and was tempered with a rich “Woodbury patina.” The knife’s handle is crafted from whitetail deer antler that exhibits hand carved cross hatching. Cossel’s knife comes [...]

Quilled Hatband by Djuana Tucker

For sprucing up fancier headgear, well-known quill artist Djuana Tucker has donated a unique quill wrapped rawhide hatband. The artist relied on natural dyes to achieve the color palette: indigo for blue and walnut for browns. The hatband is 22 inches long, with a brain tanned leather lace on each end, ensuring that the piece [...]

Knife by Scott Summerville

Scott Summerville has once again donated one of his legendary blades. Summerville’s knife is inspired by an authentic eighteenth-century example. The original was quite large, about sixteen inches long when opened, and had the distinctive profile of a common soldier’s knife. Meticulously crafted from 1095 steel, each part of Summerville’s smaller version is heat treated [...]

Quilled Scissor Case by Christie Suchora

Christie Suchora created a unique scissor case decorated with porcupine quills. The case is made from brain tanned deerskin and is strung with a red silk ribbon so it can be worn around the neck or waist. The case is also affixed with a polished brass ring so it can be attached to a lady’s [...]

Haversack by Terry Smith

Terry Smith contributed an intriguing haversack that offers a pleasant contrast in colors. This large shooter’s bag is made from a repurposed piece of nineteenth century coverlet. The flap is made from rustic, untrimmed deerskin that still shows a bit of deer hair. The leather portions of the bag were dyed with walnut hulls and [...]

Hunting Shirt by De-Anda Shaver

Frontiersmen were known to favor the ubiquitous hunting shirt of early America, and De-Anda Shaver has donated a fine example for the auction. The shirt is made from natural linen and entirely sewn by hand. Decorated with eye-catching, hand pulled fringe, the shirt also features pleated sleeves and bone buttons. Sized roughly L-XL, this roomy [...]

Boys Waistcoat by Heather Schneider

This year’s auction features a delightful example of colonial domestic arts: an embroidered boy’s waistcoat. This waistcoat, created by Heather Schneider, is inspired by an original dated to 1756. Schneider’s recreation is made from cream colored linen, affixed with pewter buttons, and adorned with an embroidered floral motif. Although this piece will nicely outfit any [...]

Hunting Pouch by William Schneider & Powder Horn by Willy Frankfort with accessories

William Schneider and Willy Frankfort created a collaborative set that exemplifies the frugal maxim of “waste not, want not.” Each item in the set was made from repurposed materials. The bag is made from brain tanned leather rescued from a discarded legging; the straps are cut from a vintage plow line. The horn is an [...]

Multi-use Bag by Linda Pritchard

Traditional quillwork makes a visually stunning addition to any collection of frontier art. Renowned quill artist Linda Pritchard created a unique multi-use bag inspired by Native American false flap shot bags. Pritchard’s recreation is suitable for a living history event but will also accommodate a pair of glasses or a cell phone. This diminutive bag [...]

Shot Pouch by Maryellen Pratt

Maryellen Pratt donated an outstanding shot pouch made from deeply textured, bark tanned alligator hide. The spout is made from elegantly turned curly maple, and was richly finished with aqua fortis. Pratt’s contribution to this year’s auction, which will accommodate either shot or round ball, is an excellent opportunity to add a distinctive addition to [...]

Powder Horn & Hunting Pouch by Jim Pease & Knife by Nathan Allen

Jim Pease and Nathan Allen created a blackpowder rig centered around a sturdy bag made from hard-wearing cowhide. The front flap is decorated with simple tooling in the form of a period floral motif. The bag comes complete with an elegant southwest Virginia powder horn with a turned antler spout and a single decorative band. [...]

Pincushion by Beckie Mooneyhan

For mending tired clothing, Beckie Mooneyhan created a pincushion with a cheerful design scheme using Irish flame stitch. The carnation motif on this pincushion is Mooneyhan’s own design, loosely based on originals. The pincushion is made from crewel yarns colored with period dyes including indigo, turmeric, and cochineal. The pincushion is stuffed with unprocessed “greasy” [...]

Bear Oil by Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller has donated four large and four small bottles of her famous rendered bear oil for the event. On the early frontier, bear oil was used for everything from cooking to waterproofing. Eight lucky buyers at this year’s auction will be surprised to find one of the bottles of bear oil included with their [...]

Men’s Linen Shirt by Phyllis McDonald-Dotson

Whether you’re headed to the woods for a period trek or bound for the range to shoot a bit of blackpowder, you can do so in appropriate style thanks to Phyllis McDonald Dotson. Dotson contributed a linen men’s shirt in size XL. Roomy enough to accommodate most gentlemen, this comfortable shirt is completely hand sewn [...]

Frontier Knife by “Iron” John Logan & Sheath by “Copperrein” Stephanie Aust

“Iron” John Logan and “Copperrein” Stephanie Aust produced a remarkable frontier knife. John hand forged the blade from 1080 steel. The handle is made from beautifully patterned curly maple and is decorated with a poured pewter bolster and silver wire inlay. One side of the handle features a hand carved inscription reading “CLA 27.” Stephanie [...]

Willow Basket by Vicki Hast

Vicki Hast donated a lovely example of basketry. Her piece is a traditional rib style basket that’s appropriate for use in the herb garden or as period décor for your home. Hast used several different types of willow to weave the basket, and the cordage in the “smile” of the basket is made from Siberia [...]

Hunting Pouch & Powder Horn Set by Tom Greco

Tom Greco has donated an excellent bag and horn set. The bag, made from bark tanned leather, is lined with pillow ticking, and the bag’s leather strap has a forged iron buckle. Greco also made a large powder horn to accompany this bag. Fitted with a crisply turned walnut base and stopper, the horn has [...]

Shooter’s Bag by Shelly Gier & Kerry Masarik

Shelly Gier and Kerry Masarik collaborated on a unique shooter’s bag that’s based on a frontier original. Gier’s contemporary version is functional and eye-catching. It’s made from vegetable tanned leather and has beautifully contrasting layers of color and a nicely burnished finish. Gier’s leatherwork is complemented by Masarik’s custom fabric, which lines the pouch’s flap [...]

The Scout Set by Paul Fennewald, Chad Matthews, Jeff Gier & Travis Bauer

Travis Bauer, Jeff Gier, Paul Fennewald, and Chad Matthews teamed up to create a complete shooter’s rig christened “The Scout Set.” The set, which pays homage to the scouts and rangers that protected the early frontier, is built around a pouch by Travis Bauer. Made from supple calfskin, the bag features a large interior pocket. [...]

Hunting Pouch by Denise Cossel

Denise Cossel contributed a bag that beautifully showcases her skills as a weaver. The hunting bag is hand made from vegetable tanned cowhide and sports a deep brown patina and fringe around the edge. Cossel’s weaving is on full display in the bag’s wool strap, which is fitted with an adjustable iron buckle hand forged [...]

Hand-Knit Cap & Fingerless Mitts by Emily Burns

Emily Burns donated a cozy knit cap that’s perfect for your next living history event or period hunt. The cap is based on an original seventeenth century whaler’s cap. Burns’ contemporary version is made from handspun merino/targhee wool. The cap features a pleasant color palette derived from natural dyes including indigo and osage orange. The [...]

Bath & Laundry Sets by Mary Brandenburg & Jenny Slover

Regardless of the century in which you live, getting clean after a long day of work is simply indispensable. Mary Brandenburg and Jenny Slover teamed up to donate a truly unique offering: two period-appropriate bath and laundry sets. The first set comes accompanied with the centuries-old standard of lye soap. The second set includes Slover’s [...]

Beaver Tail Hunting Pouch by Daniel Boehringer

Daniel Boehringer created a classic beaver tail bag, always a favorite with active blackpowder shooters. The bag is made from vegetable tanned leather and a two-inch tapered gusset. Tt’s a roomy, practical bag that’s visually appealing. The front flap is made from a Minnesota beaver tail, and the bag is also trimmed with a modest [...]

Shooter’s Kit by Jay Blain, Jonah Cain & Henry Bowman

Jay Blain, Jonah Cain, and Henry Bowman teamed up to create a complete shooter’s kit consisting of a Blain bag, Bowman horn, and Cain knife. This set has the rugged look of a centuries-old original. The artists built their set around a fictional backstory: its mythical history begins near Winchester, Virginia, travels down the Great [...]

Hunting Pouch & Powder Horn Set by Jay Blain

Jay Blain has made a bag and horn set that is inspired by smaller nineteenth century bags. It includes an eye-catching bearded bag, made from vegetable tanned leather, and has an additional interior pocket. Blain’s powder horn is about eight inches long, holding just enough powder for a day of hunting.  Also included in this [...]