2022 Fundraising Auction

The 26th Annual CLF Fundraising Auction features thirty-two items from the efforts of forty-two CLA artists. The auction will take place at 5:00 p.m. EDT on Friday August 19th, 2022, in the Exhibit Hall of the Central Bank Center (430 W. Vine Street, Lexington, Kentucky). The fundraising auction is reserved for CLA members only, but there is a special prorated membership rate of $30 at the door. For those unable to attend in person, including non-members, an absentee bidding process has been made available via phone (540.886.6189), e-mail (cla@longrifle.com) and mail (PO Box 2247, Staunton, VA 24402).

The absentee bidding process is described here.

For questions, contact the Contemporary Longrifle Association directly at 540-886-6189.

Click here for: “A Short History of the Auction and the Auction Committee”

We are excited to feature works by the following artists:

• Bob Browner • Larry Gardner • Scott Summerville • Daniel Casey • Chelsey Casey • Jeff Luke • Joe-D Baxter • Jonah Cain • Darcy Quapp • Elizabeth Ashlee • Linda Pritchard • Shelly Gier • Kerry Masarik • Gary Tingler • Bill Schneider • Henry Bowman • Dianna Bowman • Todd Butler • Jay Blain • Pete Hutton • Mary Brandenburg • Kathy England • Christie Suchora • Beverly Simpson • Beckie Mooneyhan • Sarah Miller • Denise Cossel • Verlin Cossel • Djuana Tucker • Barbara Smith • Casey McClure • Bill Pritchard • Vicki Hast • Emily Burns • Heather Schneider • Lawrence Fiorillo • Todd Hambrick • Chad Matthews • Lon Brauer • De-Anda Shaver • Terry Smith • Jack Pennington • Angela Jones McMullen •

Thanks to these artists for their generous donations.
Remember them when you need something you can’t live without.

Early American Shirt by De-Anda Shaver

Whether you’re a period long hunter or a casual target shooter, a historically appropriate shirt will make a nice addition to your collection. This year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction will feature a quality eighteenth century style shirt by De-Anda Shaver. This shirt is made from natural & blue medium weight cross bar 100% Polish linen [...]

Twined Buffalo Wool and Nettle Fiber Bag by Beverly Simpson

Spare flints, extra balls, turnscrew; it seems that every black powder shooter has too many extra supplies rattling around in his pouch. Fortunately, a very special donation to this year’s CLF Fundraising Auction will help fix the dilemma of every muzzleloading enthusiast. Artist Beverly Simpson is one of the Women Artists of the CLA group [...]

“Join or Die” Patriotic Folk Painting by Angela Jones McMullen

Prior to attending the Albany Congress in 1754, Benjamin Franklin began advocating for greater cooperation among the British colonies of North America. In May of that year, Franklin published an illustration in the Pennsylvania Gazette that hinted at the need for greater unity. Franklin depicted a dismembered snake, each representing a specific colony, with the [...]

Eighteenth Century Wool Cap and Mitts by Emily Burns

On the early frontier, utilizing every available resource was simply a way of life. Kentuckian William Clinkenbeard explained that buffalo wool was often mixed with nettle fibers to produce ready-made textiles. “The buffalo wool,” he would later write, “was the longest in the spring, and the longest we called the best. Yearlings and two-year-old's had [...]

Ft. Duquesne Powder Horn by Jack Pennington

CLA artists consistently find ways to blend contemporary art with a healthy respect for the past. For this year’s CLF Fundraising Auction, Jack Pennington has contributed an outstanding horn that serves as a tangible chronicle of frontier Pennsylvania. The artist explains that “this horn was built to represent what a coureur-de-bois, French-educated native, or French [...]

Haversack by Gary Tingler

Artist Gary Tingler routinely produces outstanding donations for the CLF Live Fundraising Auction, and this year is certainly no exception. For the 2022 event, Tingler has produced a durable haversack that’s full of frontier character. This bag will be perfect for your next living history event or trip afield. The body of the haversack was [...]

Classic Frontier Knife by Todd Butler

Artist Todd Butler’s hand-forged knives are in high demand, and for good reason. His knives are among the best blades currently available in the custom market and are only increasing in popularity with collectors. Elegant lines, rugged dependability, and unparalleled craftsmanship characterize the work of this master bladesmith. A regular supporter of the CLF Fundraising [...]

Haversack by Terry Smith

The skilled craftsmen of the CLA consistently produce remarkable art for the annual fundraising auction; for this year’s event, Terry Smith created a truly fresh take on an old standby. Smith’s haversack will bring a touch of class to the firing line of your next black powder event. The body of this stunning bag, entirely [...]

“Blue Stroud” – Original Oil Painting by Lon Brauer

Painted portraiture, particularly of historical subjects, lends itself to the flavor of Early Americana.  For this year’s CFL Fundraising Auction, contemporary artist Lon Brauer has created a beautiful original oil painting in the tradition of Gilbert Stuart, with a touch of Karl Bodmer, which will be a fine addition to any collection of American Art. [...]

Willow Basket by Vicki Hast

The craft of handweaving baskets is an age-old art form that saw widespread use in early America. For this year’s CLF Live Fundraising auction, artist Vicki Hast has contributed a delightful woven basket that will fit in well at a living history event or function as period décor for the home. Hast created this gathering [...]

Hunting Pouch, Horn and Knife Set by Jeff Luke, Joe-D Baxter and Jonah Cain

In the modern world, making and using tools from natural materials is a refreshing way to connect to reality. For this year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction, a trio of artists has teamed up to create a hunting rig that evokes straightforward craftsmanship and rugged performance. The set is built around a hunting bag by Jeff [...]

Bag, Horn and Tomahawk Set by Lawrence Fiorillo, Todd Hambrick and Chad Matthews

This set, made by Lawrence Fiorillo, Todd Hambrick and Chad Matthews, was created to represent the backcountry in the colonial period.  The project drew its inspiration from Todd Hambrick’s powder horn.  The horn is a close copy of an original currently in the possession of Mel Hankla.  The horn is believed to be from the [...]

Antler-Handled Frontier Knife by Darcy Quapp

For black powder enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like the ubiquitous antler-handled knife of the early frontier. Crafted from readily available materials, these knives saw heavy use in the backcountry, and continue to be a blade of choice for the modern frontiersman. This year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction will feature an excellent example of this popular [...]

Lady’s Pocket by Heather Schneider

The creative women of the CLA have made this year’s fundraising auction a pleasant exploration of often underappreciated aspects of early American life. For this year’s live fundraising event, artist Heather Schneider has created what many of us take for granted in the modern world: a pocket. Schneider’s pocket will work well at a living [...]

French and Indian War Era Powder Horn by Barbara Smith

Engraved powder horns are not only functional for the modern black powder shooter but are justifiably considered works of art in their own right. This year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction features a prime example of 18th century-inspired art by Barbara Smith. Smith’s powder horn is loosely based on a French & Indian War period horn [...]

Hunting Shirt by Mary Brandenburg

In the summer of 1775, George Washington was desperate to properly uniform the nascent Continental Army then forming around Boston. During the first week of August, Washington requested Connecticut authorities to begin producing inexpensive clothing for his men and sent along a sample of frontier clothing for them to use as a pattern. It was [...]

Housewife Sewing Kit by Rebecca (Beckie) Mooneyhan

In the 18th and 19th centuries, any man unlucky enough to need clothing mended while away from home desperately needed the assistance of a “housewife”, or as they’re prosaically known a “huswif.” Whether in the barracks or in the field, soldiers and frontiersmen could tackle the job of repairing their clothing or uniform with a [...]

Powder Horn and Strap by Henry and Dianna Bowman

The powder-horn is based upon the professionally made 4th generation York County, Pennsylvania powder-horns of the very early 1800s. The characteristics found on this horn and common to 4th generation York’s horns, include concentric grooves at butt and spout, fruit wood butt (cherry in this horn) with rope carving and Greek key carving, and a [...]

Bag and Powder Horn by Bill Pritchard and Knife by Casey McClure

The skilled craftsmen of the CLA often produce fine frontier art that can easily be mistaken for a centuries-old original. For this year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction, artists Casey McClure and Bill Pritchard have teamed up to produce a rugged hunting rig that looks like it’s seen heavy use on the 18th century frontier. This [...]

Alligator-Themed Knife by Verlin Cossel

Bladesmith Verlin Cossel, a perennial supporter of the CLF Live Fundraising Auction, is renowned for creating entirely unique knives that come accompanied with a custom display stand. His creation for this year’s auction is a one-of-a-kind work of art with a remarkable back story. Featuring an alligator theme, Cossel’s knife, measuring 13 inches overall with [...]

Fringed Hunting Bag by Shelly Gier and Hand-Woven Strap by Kerry Masarik

For your next trip to the range or the woods, artists Shelly Gier and Kerry Masarik have teamed up to create a well-made and historically appropriate hunting bag that’s been donated to this year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction. Gier describes her hunting bag as inspired by early 19th century styling “with a bit of working-class [...]

Mid-Eighteenth-Century Folding Knife by Scott Summerville

In early America, the humble pocketknife could be found from the drawing rooms of Tidewater estates to the farthest reaches of the frontier. George Washington is known to have owned a number of folding knives, and famed explorer Meriwether Lewis famously carried a pen knife all the way the Pacific Ocean and back. For the [...]

Pennsylvania Rifle by Larry Gardner

Few weapons from American history exude beauty and mystique quite like the Pennsylvania rifle. This year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction is pleased to offer an exquisite example of the Pennsylvania rifle by one of the most respected makers in the nation, Larry Gardner. This classic Pennsylvania rifle sports a .45 caliber, 36-inch-long barrel paired with [...]

Quilled Hat Band by Djuana Tucker

During the 18th and 19th centuries, no self-respecting gentleman, or scoundrel for that matter, would consider venturing into public without a hat. For the modern-day frontiersman headed for the range, the rendezvous, or the woods, that hasn’t changed. For those hoping to set their headgear apart from the crowd, CLA artist Djuana Tucker has donated [...]

Micmac Powder Horn by Kathy England and Quilled Strap by Christie Suchora

Engraved powder horns are perennial favorites of black powder devotees, and this year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction is pleased to offer a stellar example by artists Kathy England and Christie Suchora. England’s powder horn will be an excellent addition to any collection. The horn is adorned with intricate geometric and floral designs characteristic of the [...]

Bag, Horn and Knife Set by Bill Schneider

Bill Schneider’s bag is called the Bear Hunter. It is intended to be a back country style bag used by a hunter. It is made out of bark tanned swamp-buck. It is unique backwoods take on a double pouch that the hunter decided to add a storm flap of bear hide. It is sewn on [...]

Haversack by Sarah Miller

Whether you’re a shooter, hunter, or collector, a sturdy bag to match your muzzleloader is a necessity. This year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction will offer a unique and well-made bag by Pennsylvania artist Sarah Miller. Miller’s ideally-sized haversack or “gathering bag” measures approximately 13” x 14”. Made from vegetable tanned cowhide and heavy pillow ticking, [...]

Bearded Bag by Jay Blain and Pennsylvania Horn by Pete Hutton

Every black powder shooter needs a functional bag and horn, but eventually we’d all like to upgrade to a quality set. This year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction will feature a stellar set by artists Jay Blain and Pete Hutton that will fit the bill. Blain’s bearded bag is a classic southern design which, he explains, [...]

Hunting Bag by Denise Cossel

This year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction features a remarkable myriad of art from the talented ladies of the organization. Artist Denise Cossel’s leather hunting bag is testament to the fact that CLA craftspeople are adept at excelling in multiple artistic disciplines. Cossel’s regular craft is weaving, but her donation to this year’s auction rivals the [...]

Dagger by Daniel & Chelsey Casey

Custom knives always garner a good bit of interest at the CLF Fundraising Auction, and for this year’s event, artist Daniel Casey has donated a simply spectacular dagger. This hand forged dagger was made from braided steel cable and 1084 spring steel, which Casey put through the laborious process of melding into multi-layered Damascus steel. [...]

Neck Knife by Elizabeth Ashlee and Quilled Sheath by Linda Pritchard

Few frontier collector items carry quite the visual appeal of a traditional tribal neck knife and quilled sheath. This year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction will fortunately offer a stunning example by artists Elizabeth Ashlee and Linda Pritchard. Ashlee’s knife, measuring 6 1/2 inches long, is hand forged from a vintage hay rake tine. It’s a [...]

Hawken Rifle by Bob Browner

Custom muzzleloading rifles always command a good bit of attention at the CLF Live Fundraising Auction, but this year’s event will afford bidders a rare opportunity. Missouri artist Bob Browner has donated one of his signature rifles, which is the first Hawken ever presented during the live auction. Browner is widely regarded as one of [...]