2014 Fundraising Auction

The 2014 Contemporary Longrifle Association live auction will take place on Friday night, August 15, at 5:00 PM in Lexington Kentucky. Grand Ball Room – Lexington Convention Center, 400 West Vine Street, Lexington, KY

Last year’s auction theme was the Battle of New Orleans and, thanks to all of you, it was very successful. This year will be the final Auction themed on the War of 1812 and will be broadly based on the Westward movement, Southern influences on the longrifle and the longrifle culture, and the transition of the rifle culture from the Trans-Appalachian frontier to the plains and mountains of the far west.

We have three southern themed firearms currently being built by noted CLA artists, Mike Miller, Roger Sells, and Marc Tornichio. There are of really outstanding hunting bags and hunting bag sets by artists such as TC Albert and Tim Crosby, Maryellen Pratt and Joe Seabolt, Jeanne and Rich McDonald, Don and Tina Shaver, Bill Smith, and Chris Barker. There are also knives by Scott Summerville and by Jerry Eitner.

Note the auction time has changed and it will be on Friday night. Those who cannot attend Friday can take advantage of the absentee biding process established last year.

Knife & Sheath by Jerry Eitnier

Written by Heinz Ahlers Indiana gunmaker, Jerry Eitnier is a returning donor to the CLA fundraising auction. Jerry is no stranger to the muzzle loading sport and art. He has been involved for more than 40 years. He joined the National Muzzle Loading Association in 1973, and in 1987 he built his first longrifle. He [...]

The “Five Ears Pouch” by T.C. Albert & Tim Crosby

By 1814 even in the far west of the Illinois country the frontier was changing, even so, many blood feuds kindled by earlier mutual antagonisms between the Red and White neighbors still smoldered. Born in just such a place during just such a time, Colonel John Moredock, the celebrated Indian Hater, first sought revenge against [...]

Double Hunting Pouch by William Smith

The hunting pouch is an icon of the American frontier. By the early 19th century pouches could show distinct regional variations, wide ranges in quality from home made to finest cordwainers work, and variations in size and shape based on use. This years auction presents a stunning range of bags and accoutrements. Bill Smith has [...]

Maryellen Pratt and Joe Seabolt Hunting Bag and Horn Set

Maryellen Pratt lives in Adams County, Ohio with her husband Ian Pratt. Maryellen is a maker of premium hunting bags, knife sheaths, haversacks and sundry other items. She is meticulous in using period correct materials and techniques. And her careful antiquing processes are universally appreciated. Maryellen regularly conducts classes on the skills and methods of [...]

Chris Barker Hunting Pouch Set

Chris Barker has donated a complete hunting rig. Chris designed the bag and constructed the rig, doing all of the leather work. We are proud to say that Chris is one of our repeat donors to the live auction. Several other artisans were involved in the project. The leather for the bag was donated by [...]

Pouch, Measure, Brush, Pick, & Bullet Board by Rich and Jeanne McDonald

Rich and Jeanne McDonald are well known CLA Artists. Rich and Jeanne have been married over 29 years and live on a small farm in southern Ohio. They are part of the southern Ohio contingent contributing to this auction including Joe Seabolt and Maryellen Pratt. Rich bought his first muzzleloader at the age of 12 [...]

Bag & Horn Set by Donald & Tina Shaver

CLA artists Donald and Tina Shaver handcrafted this circa 1810 to 1825 hunting pouch and horn set for the 2014 CLA fundraising auction. The pouch is a classic beaver tail pouch with a carved buffalo powder horn. Donald Shaver's interest in American History began during his youth and he started reenacting about 30 years ago [...]

Native American Style Bag by Robert Pawling

Robert Pawling is a CLA artisan specializing in dyed porcupine quill embroidery of many kinds done on braintanned deerskins to produce 18th C. Northeast Native accoutrements. Bob has extended his style a bit in keeping with this years auction theme of westward expansion. Bob has produced a bag like the indians of the western plains [...]

Southern Banded Horn with Hand Woven Strap by Ron Hess and Kris Polizzi

This is a Southern style banded horn of the type that would have been carried by militia or volunteers from the southern States in the War of 1812. This charming powder horn has been created by Ron Hess and the fine hand woven strap donated by Kris Polizzi. Ron lives in Georgia and makes powder [...]

Iron Mounted Elisha Bull Rifle by Roger Sells

Roger Sells is a well known contemporary builder and is a regular at the Lake Cumberland CLA Mini Show and at the KRA Show held at the Museum of Appalachia. He is noted for extremely well-made iron mounted Appalachian rifles and great Hawken rifles. Roger lives in an area of Tennessee where gunsmiths lived and [...]

Frontiersman Sculpture by Joshua Shepherd

Joshua Shepherd created this piece. Titled "The Frontiersman" it is 21" tall and made of hydrostone with a hand-applied finish. This is number 14 of a limited edition of 50. (In honor of 1814 and in keeping with the theme of the auction.) The round hat, rifle, and hunting shirt are characteristic of the working [...]

Southern Mountain Rifle by Marc Tornichio

This early iron mounted Southern longrifle was created by Marc Tornichio This rifle is not a copy of any one rifle but incorporates the architecture and features of several early iron mounted rifles of the western Virginia/Carolina Appalachian area from the 1790 to 1810 period. It shows the quality workmanship of a trained and talented [...]

An Iconic Southern Pistol in the Style of Elisha Bull by Mike Miller

There are some antique flintlock arms that seem to epitomize a genre or "school" as well as capture the personality of the maker and the time and place in which it was created and used. The fine silver mounted "Death or Victory" pistol by Elisha Bull of Tennessee is just such a piece. Well known [...]