“Thanks To All For A Great Auction”

Held on August 17, 2013 at the Annual CLA Show and Meeting, Lexington, KY

“This year’s auction was a tremendous success! 21 superb artistic works by 25 CLA artists generated an excitement at the auction which prompted buyers to step forward and take home some great contemporary art.

This year the generosity of our contributing artists and donors allowed the CLA to offer the most diverse group of items ever in the auction. Each item was an outstanding example of these artists’ work and important part of the auction’s success. One of the things that sets our annual auction apart from many other fundraising auctions is that these are not “white elephants” that people had laying around their basement, by any means – these items represented the artist’s finest work and offered buyers the opportunity to take home the best of the best in the world of contemporary longrifles and related accoutrements and art. The firearms projects of course generate a lot of interest and sales but I also want to point out that almost half of the auction total sales were generated by accoutrements such as knives, pouches, horns, trade silver, axes, paintings, Native American bows and canoe models. We had a great cross-section of our artists contributing their works and all were equally important to the auction’s success.

After a year’s work to make the 2013 War of 1812 ‘Path to Freedom’ Fundraising Auction an event to remember, I’m almost sad to say it’s over. As the CLF Fundraising Committee chairman I had the good fortune to work with the artists and get to know them and their work. Thanks to each of them for all of their efforts and for making the 2013 CLF Fund Raising Auction the big success that it was. And to all the ‘behind the scenes’ volunteers, and donors, too. And finally – thank you to all who stood up at the auction and contributed support to the organization and artists by buying these fine items. Your generosity is appreciated as well.

Thanks again to everyone.”
Guy Montfort
2013 CLF Fundraising Committee Chairman

1 BRIAN ANDERSON Copy of Squire Boone Pipe Tomahawk$700
2 RAY BOESSEL Chippewa Birchbark Canoe Model$1000
3 JEFF BOTTIGER Tansel Style Powder Horn$1600
4 BOB BROWNER & LAYNE ZUELKE Copy of the Andrew Jackson Dueling Pistol$4100
5 DARRELL BRANDENBURG & TOM GIFFORD Woodland Indian Prisoner Tie$300
6 JOSHUA CRAIN Commander Oliver Hazard Perry Knife & Sheath$225
7 TIM CROSBY & TIM ALBERT Daniel Boone Pouch & Horn set$600
8 TODD DAGGETT 1812 Plug Bayonet$700
9 JERRY EITNIER Belt Knife & Sheath$100
10 JERRY EITNIER Folk Art Polka Dot Powder Horn$300
11 MATT & PAUL FENNEWALD Choctaw Style Bow, Arrows & Quiver Set$825
12 WAYNE & MARLYN HOLCOMBE Trade Silver Shell Gorget$140
13 WAYNE & MARLYN HOLCOMBE Trade Silver Wrist Band$160
14 MARVIN KEMPER Lexington, Kentucky Longrifle$7000
15 DARRIN McDONAL & JIM PARKER Copy of the John Jacob Sheetz Longrifle$6500
16 GLEN MOCK Isaac Shelby Belt Knife & Sheath$450
17 DONALD SHAVER Circa 1810-1825 Pouch & Horn Set$300
18 JOE SEABOLT 1812 “Alligator Horseman” Belt Knife & Sheath$700
19 TIM SANNER & JIM WEBB Nathan Boone Pouch & Horn set$1500
20 CALVIN TANNER & JIM HAYES 1809 Indiana Frontier Hunting Pouch$600
21 PAMELA PATRICK WHITE WIKI UP - Pastel Painting 34” x 29”$1200
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