Wall Plaque by Joshua Shepherd

Independent…rugged…self-reliant. Few images in our nation’s history are as enduring as that of the quintessential American frontiersman. For this year’s CLF fundraising auction, artist Joshua Shepherd has created a unique sculpture – Taking Aim - that pays fitting homage to the legendary longhunters who helped carve a nation out of a forbidding wilderness.

Directly modelled in sculptor’s epoxy, the frontiersman sports an iconic hunter’s frock, broad-brimmed hat, powder horn, antler handled long knife, and, of course, flintlock rifle. Measuring approximately 19 inches wide and 17 inches high, this low-relief wall sculpture features a hand-applied bronze finish. It’s an original, one-of-a-kind sculpture straight from the artist’s hands.

“The CLA is the preeminent arts organization of today’s longrifle culture,” says the artist, “and we’re fortunate that such an association is actively preserving the unique heritage arts that are a crucial part in our nation’s past.”

For more information on the work of Joshua Shepherd, see https://shepherdsculpture.wordpress.com

Or contact the sculptor directly at oldnorthweststudio@gmail.com

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