Priming Horn by Joe-D Baxter & Mike Miller

Priming horns can be a topic of some discussion about their presumed use or non-use on the American frontier. Nevertheless priming flasks did exist in Europe and Asia and are found in museum collections for 16th to 18th century arms. Sometimes called “Pulvers” from the German word for ground or powdered, these small flasks seem to have been used with matchlocks, wheellocks and cannon. Have you ever thought about what a paper cartridge equipped musketeer did when his firelock flashed in the pan? The muzzleloading rebirth in the United Sates was in full swing by 1936, within a century of actual flintlock use on the frontier. Those shooters at the NMLRA back then used priming horns.

Joe-D Baxter and Mike Miller have teamed to create an outstanding powder flask for the 2018 auction. Measuring almost 3 inches in diameter, this flask is fabricated of horn, walnut and coin silver. The engraving on the horn and coin silver plate are in the 18th century style with a vining floral theme.

This flask shows superior workmanship and fitting throughout. With its great style this flask could be used as a priming horn or a day horn for squirrel hunting or just put on display on a shelf. This is a special item that will be a prize for any contemporary longrifle collection.

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