Fine Scrimshawed Horn by Lee Cooper

In 1775 a twenty-four year old Englishman found himself on the Colonial American frontier as the American Revolution was taking hold. Nicholas Cresswell was low on cash and took employment with an Indian trader to recoup his fortunes. He left us with a journal of his frontier adventures from Fort Pitt into the Indian Country and back.

Lee Cooper has produced this extraordinary horn in commemoration of Nicholas Cresswell and included a photocopy of Cresswell’s journal of his trading adventure.

This is a good sized horn, a little over 14 inches on the outside curve. A very fine horn, as we would expect from Lee Cooper, it has a great rendering of the Revolutionary War period version of the British coat of arms. This polychrome example is as good as you will find on a horn. The scrimshaw work on the horn is carefully done and very nicely laid out. The horn has a hand worked tip and a great scalloped molding where it transitions from the dark tip to the lighter body. The plain plug is secured to the horn with wooden pegs and has an iron staple for the strap.

This is an exceptional horn. It would go well with the equally exceptional Djuana Tucker strap also available at this years auction.

Lee Cooper is a repeat CLA Auction supporter and we are always proud to be able to offer his work. Lee is not into email and social media. You will have to get into contact with him the old fashioned way.

Lee Cooper can be contacted at: 740-622-5993

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