Appalachian Style Linen and Leather Hunting Bag by Andrew Verdon

by Heinz Ahlers with photography by Heinz Ahlers

The linen hunting bag could be in the Appalachian Mountains, especially the Southern Mountains. This breathable fabric style bag was the precursor to the canvas web gear that served our military in two World Wars. The light weight fabric bag works very well as long as you avoid a lot of loose pointy things in the contents.

This linen bag with leather flap is nicely crafted by noted leather worker Andrew Verdon. This bag is very well made with a hand crafted copper button and a full pillow ticking lining. The leather strap has a brass buckle and a nice sized sheath for a knife is sewn on the back. As you can see in the photos the sheath had no trouble accommodating my grandsonís 5 1/2 bladed knife and rawhide liner. The knife is NOT part of this rig.

The sewing is first rate and the construction techniques and materials are historically correct. This is a chance to own a fine fabric bag in Southern style for shooting or for possibles.

Andrew Verdon is a member of the Tennessee Trail Riders and has and interesting web page.

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