Pistol Case by Jerry Moniot

Pistol Case by Jerry Moniot

by Heinz Ahlers with photography by Gordon Barlow

Sometimes when you have something really nice, you want to have it in a case that you can open when you want to display it, and close when you want to be a bit more discreet, Also you might prefer not to shove your antique Nicholas-Noel Boutet French officer’s pistol into a cigar box.

Jerry Moniot hand made this finely crafted chest he refers to as a pistol case. I mentioned Boutet because that is the level of pistol that would be perfectly appropriate in this case. If you put a vintage Luger in this case, people will say “Nice Luger but where did you get that case!”

This case is 11” X 19” X 6.5” tall. It is a finely handcrafted pistol case made of rare curly cherry with curly walnut, figured maple and ebony inserts. Jerry chased this wood down from Wayne Dunlap. Note the fine dovetail construction and the inlay work. There is a well inletted premium grade lock. So if you have a really nice or rare pistol, or you just want to have the best pistol case at the show, this is perfect for you.

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