"Joseph Stewart Pouch and Horn Set"

Team work and cooperation have become hallmark of the CLA and its
members. The "Joseph Stewart" horn and pouch set made especially for the
upcoming CLA live auction in Lexington this August, and the four CLA
members that worked together to create it, embody what that attitude can
accomplish even by proxy working together separately across the country.

The coordinator of this project was Chris Barker, and he describes how the
team members pulled it all together best:
*"During the Autumn of 2011 CLA official Tim Albert contacted me regarding
a project for the CLA's 2012 Live Auction in Lexington. The theme was to
be the War of 1812. The Contemporary Longrifle Association wanted a
reproduction of a pouch and horn set of that time. I agreed to make a shot
pouch. Mark Ewing of Lincolnton, North Carolina volunteered to make the
powder horn, and Eric Van Alstine of Mexico, Missouri offered to make a bag
knife. *

*Tim found photos and specifications for a powder horn with provenance to
the War of 1812. The powder horn was the property of Joseph Stewart, a
veteran of that war. Tim sent this information to Honourable Company of
Horners and CLA craftsman Mark Ewing. Mark produced a fine documentary
copy of the Stewart horn. Mark forwarded the horn on to Bill Carter who
reproduced the scrimshawed inscription original to the old horn. Bill is
also a CLA and HCH craftsman. Their combined work created an exacting
copy. *

*Meanwhile I tried to find photos of a shot pouch that had been used in the
War of 1812. My search being totally unsuccessful I simply created a
pattern for a double D shaped pouch typical of the first quarter of the
19th Century. I acquired a small deer skin and applied a darkened patina
using various leather dyes. I am careful not to use oven cleaner or any
other caustic substances on leather. *

*While this was in progress Eric Van Alstine made a nice knife from an old
file, carved a curly maple handle, and fitted it with a cast pewter
ferrule. Eric antiqued the finished knife with great results. *

*I obtained a reproduction old time adjustable brass powder measure from
Jim Chambers, an iron vent pick from Ed Wilde, and a couple of antique iron
Buckles from Jerry Noble. A patina was applied to the measure. The bag
was lined with a reproduction striped linen from Burnley and Trowbridge.
The shoulder straps are leather. I made the pick and brush set using
Wilde's pick, a brush handle from a modified .38 Special cartridge case,
and bristles from an old shoe brush. *

*It was a great delight that everything went together so well. Eric, Mark,
Bill, and I all worked on the project without a clear idea of what the
other three were turning out. In the end the powder horn and knife were
sent to me, and all the parts of the whole kit went fit beautifully and the
proportions ended up being very pleasing to the eye. *

*When Mark Ewing sent me the powder horn he included the provenance which
Tim Albert had provided. That information is in the shot pouch, and will
be available for inspection at the auction." *

*Respectfully submitted, **Chris Barker, **Dallas, Texas*

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